Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to Thriviae, where we are passionate about 3 things:-


  • People
  • Purpose
  • and Performance.


Many people ask us, ‘What’s the meaning of Thriviae’? It is in fact two words…


  • Thrive, meaning to grow or develop, rigorously.
  • Via, Latin for travelling through. On the way to a destination.


With the two words combined, it brings to life the reality that we each ‘thrive’ in our own unique way, as individuals, as families, as business owners, as leaders, as educators, as employees and most importantly as communities.


Thriviae offers a range of evidence-based individual and organisational solutions that enable human flourishing, peak performance and wellbeing.


It’s wonderful to virtually meet you all. We are looking forward to learning what makes you thrive in your own way.