Founders Note #1: Company or Cause..?

As a new start-up, we are super busy with the various projects and tasks that come with building a new business.  People often ask me where the motivation for working long hours 7 days a week comes from. At times I wonder the same thing, it is certainly not money that motivates me.  Right now, the bank account is continually reminding me there is more going out than there is coming in!


But then I’m reminded of the purpose, the intent and the aim of Thriviae and it fires me up. Helping others to thrive in their own unique way. Championing diversity in all its forms. Lifting people up, building strong healthy and vibrant communities.


I ask myself is; Thriviae a company or is it a cause? Should this small start-up risk sharing a viewpoint on national or global social politics? It’s a dangerous ground. Many businesses have paid a high price for taking a stance social issues.


Rightly or wrongly, my answer to that is a hard YES.  Thriviae is a values and strengths based organisation. It is in our DNA. A brighter future can only come from an understanding and respect for others. We will continue to champion equality wherever and whenever we have the chance; be it gender, race, sexuality, neurodiversity or any other form of social inequity.


Besides which those who know me, will know I LOVE this track. You know who you are – I just hope there is no footage 😉


Thriviae encourages all Australians to vote YES in The Voice Referendum. Saturday 14 October 2023.